Very recently, was amused in my last post at how I was unable to wear my “pumped up” Rolex watches in favour of the Aquanaut. He argued that the Aquanaut is the best daily wearer sports watch in direct comparison to the modern Rolex watches with their anabolic supercases. The Watch Baron is an ardent and seasoned Patek Philippe collector and owns an accomplished collection including the 5650g advanced research and the 3448 perpetual calendar, two pieces themselves that constitute a lifetime collection. He is a man who has amassed some “heavy pieces” over a good part of the last decade and his blog is different from other watch blogs. His blog does not review watches as others do. It does not focus on price, technical specifications, and does not read like an instructional manual like most. Instead his blog is an intellectual and eloquent discussion on the whole watch experience, what watches bring to his life (and I assume from his watches that he leads a great one), and the greater life significance of watch collecting. I think that this is what watch collectors want to hear and I fully admit that I try to emulate his blog with mine.

I cannot possibly emulate his formidable collection though, four Aquanauts, a manual platinum chronograph and others too rich for my blood. Please allow me to introduce himself, a man of wealth and taste. What I do have in common with him and what I admire in him is his understanding of the Patek Philippe brand. He is its quintessential wearer. When you read his blog, you understand what it’s like to wear and own a Patek Philippe. How you feel when you wear one, what kind of palpable joy they bring and how they elevate your spirits somehow. He conveys the elegance and level of refinement in their watches, information you cannot appreciate anywhere else. He publishes weekly but I find myself always impatient to hear what he has to say.

This post is in full agreement to his last post. Unequivocally, the Aquanaut is not only the best sports watch on the market today, but also the best sports/dive watch for the everyday man. It is such an unattainable and underproduced sports watch, that for most watch enthusiasts the opportunity to own one is very slim and rare like the watch itself. This is unfortunate because hands down, if the choice presented itself to anyone, I am convinced they would choose the Aquanaut over a Rolex Submariner if price were irrelevant. Yes, the Aquanaut is double the price of a Submariner but let’s be honest, if you can afford one Rolex, you can afford two Rolexes in the course of your lifetime.

While the Rolex Submariner is a pure sports watch designed for a specific purpose in mind, an indestructible and reliable tool watch, the Aquanaut also classified as a sports watch satisfies much more than the Submariner’s intention. The Aquanaut brings elegance, refinement, and understated beauty “to the table”, to borrow from The Watch Baron. I find it ironic that such an expensive watch from a traditional dress-watch brand (Patek) has become more of a sports/everyday watch than the most iconic sports watch from a sports watch brand (Rolex). To me this could only mean that Patek has obviously allocated much more resources into designing the timepiece rather than marketing the timepiece. Patek does not need to market the Aquanaut, the product speaks for itself and as a consequence sells itself.

The Aquanaut is a youthful watch. It makes me feel young and energetic. It accompanies me at work, in the pool, on the golf course (but not while playing), and basically everywhere I go. In that regard it is a true sports watch but to those who actually own the watch we regard it as much more. It is a very comfortable rubber bracelet that also just happens to sport a stainless steel timepiece, that’s how light it is. Since the day of purchase, it has become my TALISMAN. It accompanies me wherever I go and brings me good luck. I sincerely believe it protects me from whatever slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that life throws towards me. I can understand why The Watch Baron owns four of them, the 5650g “Terminator”, the 5167r, the 5167a and the 5065a. They are all vastly different but yet they all bring him four times the joy and four times the luck. And if he had access to other models like the 5168g or 5164r he would not hesitate. And neither would I.

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