Welcome to my blog. It is the story of my watch journey from childhood until the present. I am an amateur watch collector in terms of knowledge (contemporary or vintage), which is not to say that I haven’t spent a lot of money nor time on the issue. It’s just that for me, watch collecting is not just about purchasing and marvelling at their superb aesthetics. It’s more about furthering my education on craftsmanship, horology, design and learning about the many various brands, the models that appeal to me and their storied history.

This blog is primarily focused on describing my watch experiences and purchases, specifically on what the watches evoke emotionally, how they wear and what experiences and thoughts they evoke in one’s mind. It will not focus on technical specifications unless I find them relevant to the watch experience.
This watch collecting hobby is after all, a lifelong journey, and this is merely one of many.

Wah! Potato, my pen name, was coined by my second son who is coincidentally in love with Patek Philippe, and I will dedicate my pen name and this blog to him.

Fair warning: Because I am also an amateur blogger, the articles will constantly be updated and often changing until I am satisfied with their content and wording.