Please follow me while I evolve and learn in this lifelong hobby. My watch collection has been changing together as my tastes vary in brands, complications, price range and aesthetics. If watches are an expression of one’s personality, tastes and in essence, one’s DNA, then my fascination for watches will never end.

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Little’s Law developed by MIT professor John Little, is a remarkably elementary but profound theorem in Queueing theory, the mathematical study of lines and queue wait times. It is predominantly used to estimate queue times in a retail business but the equation can be generalized to any stationary system, in our case, wait times for desirable watches.

In search of the perfect mechanical watch for my niche

When I say the perfect watch, I don’t mean the so called “grails” that one actively targets looking through crosshairs. While there is no perfect watch that could possibly be manufactured for the masses, with the multitude of models available, there surely must be a perfect watch that should satisfy my aesthetic values and checklist of complications.

MY NEXT GRAILS: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendars (Part 4 of 4)

The 5740/1g is just such an unattainable watch that I placed it last on my list but only for that reason. Because arguably it deserves more, much more. It is such an exclusive watch, financially and supply wise that I prefer not to even think about obtaining one and I consider it as a virtual watch for me.

MY NEXT GRAILS: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendars (Part 3 of 4)

The 5320g was introduced by Patek Philippe in 2017 as a melding of numerous Patek vintage designs into a modern size and mechanism. The case is a monobloc of white gold and one can see many various parts of vintage Pateks from the lugs to the case, the hands and dial.