Please follow me while I evolve and learn in this lifelong hobby. My watch collection has been changing together as my tastes vary in brands, complications, price range and aesthetics. If watches are an expression of one’s personality, tastes and in essence, one’s DNA, then my fascination for watches will never end.

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NEW WATCH ACQUISITIONS – Tudor Black Bay 58, Black and Blue

People who purchase the Tudor Black Bay 58 fall into two categories. One category is those who simply can’t yet afford a Rolex and are looking for an entry level luxury watch to hold them over until the Rolex comes. The other category is those seasoned collectors who have come full circle and have experienced most Rolex models or higher brands and they simply want to wear something as extremely comfortable as the Black Bay 58 for a daily wearer without being ostentatious.


Little’s Law developed by MIT professor John Little, is a remarkably elementary but profound theorem in Queueing theory, the mathematical study of lines and queue wait times. It is predominantly used to estimate queue times in a retail business but the equation can be generalized to any stationary system, in our case, wait times for desirable watches.