MY BLOG SUCKS – Maybe I’ll shut it down.

Let’s start with the facts. I started this blog in 2020 because of my passion for watches. It started with a meagre 2000 views, then in 2021, 10000 views and 2022, 15000 views. Hardly the viral spread like we’ve seen in those very years. Although I didn’t expect a written blog to compete with other forms of social media like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, I would have hoped for more of a readership especially since watches have increased exponentially in popularity these last few years. The sad part is that a lot fo the views came from myself checking the final content for any mistakes. Just to remind everyone that I write about the emotional response to buying watches rather than their specifications. My last article on the Rolex Daytona prediction for 2023 received 7 views in a month (half of them mine).

It has also surprised me that some articles that I’ve written have been the predominant views and I didn’t expect them to be so popular. I presume it’s because the titles were catchy. Whether people actually read them in their entirety is another question.

In any event, this leads me to postulate as to why my blog is unread but unbloodied.

  1. I just don’t write enough content. Google algorithms screen for new content constantly and I average one article per 6 months which is clearly as rare as I get called by an AD for a Rolex.
  2. My writing content, style and grammar is just not up to par as a watch journalist such as Jack Forster or Ben Clymer.
  3. I don’t cross reference to Instagram or other forms of social media. My blog is an isolated website consisting of good old-fashioned articles only with no videos or animations.
  4. I’m just not knowledgeable nor am I an authority on watches to have any appreciable impact on the watch world. And I am unlikely to make a dent in any form of social media.
  5. My watch collection is boring and the general population can’t relate to my watches.
  6. There is too much competition out there on blogs vying for watch enthusiasts’ attention.
  7. I have no idea why and it just takes time.
  8. My blog just sucks.

Having been discouraged after considerable time and effort for something that I love, it is disappointing not to see some success in one’s passion. If it were in something I wasn’t passionate about the pill would be easier to swallow. But for now, monitoring the blog is what I can do and if I cannot get much readership then eventually it will go the way of the steel 5711 (but much less popular).

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