Hallelujah! Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 en acier


After having obtained so many Rolexes in 2019, my collection was verging on becoming too one dimensional and monobranded. Too many black dials, too many ceramic bezels and supercases. I was still on the list for the green dial Daytona but I knew that it was an extremely rare piece and the chance of obtaining it was close to naut! So as a replacement for that grail I went searching for another brand and thank goodness I found one, a lesser known brand named Patek Philippe.

I am a front line worker and was feeling somewhat stressed with our current situation and feared for my own health and the health of my elderly family members like everyone else. I do therefore feel somewhat guilty and shameful for obtaining such a grail piece during the worst of times and I really shouldn’t proclaim my joy and demonstrate decadence at this time. But I will anyways, because this watch has opened my eyes into the rabbit hole that is Patek Philippe. It has made me reflect upon what I truly love about watches, what excites me visually and most importantly has made me find my niche in watch collecting. It is a declaration of gratitude to Patek for showing me who I really am in this watch game and what my tastes really are without the distraction from the well-known hype that I fell victim to.

During this crisis, I needed something to chase, something to keep my mind positive amidst the fear of contracting an unpredictably deadly virus. While being quarantined in my basement which was so tight that no virus would be able to survive, I emailed my local Patek AD that I had visited occasionally for the past twenty years looking for any Aquanautilus.


To my huge surprise, he declared outright that an Aquanaut was available but I was to visit by appointment only. Of course my adrenaline went viral (pardon me) and a few days later he granted me the Aquanaut and without hesitation I pounced on it. This only happened to me because of these exceptional times, otherwise the probability of this event happening in normal times would equal the square root of naut. A huge debt of gratitude to my local ad for bestowing such a gift but he knew that once he welcomed me into the Thierry Stern Patek family, I would be a Patek customer for life. Not a bad investment on both our parts.


It’s only been a month but I am still in a state of disbelief. To commemorate my purchase or triumph and hard work to obtain it, I created a video of the unboxing (while the watch was still unscratched and glistening). You’ll have to click on the link here, to view the exquisite box and peripherals that come with purchasing a Patek Philippe. Maybe Audemars Piguet has comparable packaging but I wouldn’t know. However I do know that when one purchases a brand new Patek Philippe your name and address are written on the warranty document and Patek mails you their bi-yearly magazine.

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