After playing this obscure game theory now for two years, I am tired of it like many others who feel the same. The grey market has obscenely overinflated their prices for stainless steel sport models for a few Patek, Rolex and Audemars Piguet models. The game model that explains this phenomenon is supposed lack of supply and exorbitant demand. In turn, the grey market has priced their supply according to the demand, ridiculously. I will not delve further into this relatively unprecedented phenomenon since it is much too painful for the collective real collectors who just want to buy a watch.

I have also played the game, buying gold pieces to obtain stainless steel pieces and buying pieces that aren’t so desirable to obtain the hot models. But at a certain tolerance, age and budget a mortal has to put his foot down and say enough is enough. How much more must I spend to satisfy an AD’s so called requirement and how much carbon polluting energy must one exert for a so called unattainable watch? Yes these are first world problems, but hey, I do happen to live in the first world and anyone reading this post either lives or aspires to live dans le premier monde.

Like everyone else, I’m chasing the impossible Panda Daytona, the Patek as of yet Unknowntilus and the Green and Gold Daytona. Of course they will remain impossible for me and my humble purchasing history and I’m not expecting any of those phone calls anytime soon or ever. And after those thoughts, one does get exhausted and fed up of waiting or hoping to wait, or waiting to hope or whatever mind games the ADs are playing. But I am not a person to dwell on such negativities and want to share my upbeat experience with this most minty refreshing and most recent experience purchasing the Vacheron Constantin blue dial Overseas, REFERENCE: 4500V/110A-B128.

Purchasing this VC was such a breath of relief and so effortless like the olden days that I could scarcely believe how easy and hassle free it was. When I wanted a certain watch I could just zip out and buy it retail. The VC Overseas Blue Dial is not currently a most desired piece, not yet anyways. While everyone including myself is chasing a stainless steel Daytona, Sub or GMT or Nautilus or Royal Oak or Aquanaut or OP or XYZ or square root of 2, or e to the i Pi, or the Riemann zeta roots, I decided to take the road less travelled by. Mostly because I grew tired of the chasing and sucking up game.

And what a great release it was. Quite freeing and quite a revelation to a watch and a brand that people don’t traditionally chase. After researching the watch on the Vacheron-Constantin website, and watching some YouTube reviews especially from Bruce Williams and after carefully lusting the watch, I phoned the Vacheron Constantin Boutique in Toronto, Canada. An exemplary and true gentleman I could tell answered the phone, Said Matuk, the manager. I was expecting a polite, “Well, that piece is highly sought after, and we reserve it for our very best customers and we’ll have to put you on a waiting list and we may call you you if one becomes available blah blah blah….”

But guess what watch lovers?

After pausing a few seconds and not 6 months to 8 years, Said politely and in a very British-like gentlemanly manner SAID this (Sorry SAID, pun intended):

If you desire the said piece, you may politely place a polite 30% deposit and you will receive the very exact watch in approximately 3-6 months. I couldn’t believe my eardrums! What? No waitlist, no purchase history, and no need to buy another less desired piece to even be considered for this one? I mean think about it rationally watch people. Why would I buy a current stock I didn’t want like IBM in order to be placed on the waiting list for AAPL??? That is as irrational a thought as the number e.

The phone call boutique experience was such an easy experience that it reminded me of the real retail experience when I could just walk into a store and purchase exactly what I initially set out for. But oh how that experience has expired now. Isn’t that how simple the retail experience should be? If I want to buy size 170cm Stockli skis with money in hand, how novel it is to go to a ski shop and buy the very skis that fit my taste and need?

Sadly the current state of the watch market dictates otherwise. Spend more on other stuff to maybe get what you really want and you still may not get it. Because market demand is so high and production is so limited. Ok sure. Feed enough of that story and some intelligent people will not play the game anymore and move on to other watches that are readily available. This game will not last forever you know and people will remember for a long time. It is those people who will help you during the bear markets and not the cow herds all chasing a Rolex Submariner. Patience for a watch is not a virtue here. Patience is virtual.

Anyways back to positivity. I cannot wait for my VC Overseas. Such a refined stainless steel sports/dive watch which is much more expensive than a Rolex stainless steel sports watch, but skipping the AD queues and aggravation is well worth it. And in the end it may end up saving me money in the long run.

The review will follow as soon as I obtain delivery but sadly by that time I’m afraid this watch will attain impossibility status as well. 3 bands included with the watch and that stunning Chronometre Bleu like dial. This watch need not be justified. I mean just look at it.

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