A SINGLE BOLD PREDICTION FOR THE NEW 5711 – à la Vacheron-Constantin Overseas

With all the talk of Thierry Stern’s reluctance to associate Patek Philippe’s image solely with the stainless steel Nautilus 5711, it makes sense for him to discontinue his most iconic model. But, it does not make any business sense and therefore he will obviously come up with a brand new design to replace the 5711.

What is less clear is the identity of the case and bracelet metal (stainless steel, precious metal or even titanium people speculate), whether there will be a date and whether there will be a new movement or older movement. An older outdated movement would not make sense to me because of the substandard power reserve and lack of hacking seconds.

All rumours and speculation at this point make any predictions impossible unless information is leaked from an internal source. However, I am quite surprised there haven’t been more predictions from the likes of Youtube or watch forums and online journals. I will therefore make a very bold or wishful prediction that will either be of Gaussian (or Eulerian proportion) or will make me look like a total idiotic false prophet. Either way, Mr. Stern, can you grant me any stainless steel Nautilus for being so gutsy leaping forward with untrammelled folly?

Here it is:

The new 5711 will be obviously introduced at Watches and Wonders 2021, with an:


I don’t think Patek should or will change the case shape much from its original rounded octagonal design but it may change fractionally in size . I also don’t think they will change the beloved dial either which hasn’t changed for 50 years. Whether the date will be included or not seems very speculative to me and inaccurate. It’s already a very thin mechanism with the date. What would omitting it achieve, if only for the aesthetics?

I therefore think the most logical and revolutionary change which won’t rock the boat too much in collecting circles is changing the outdated and much complained about bracelet. The bracelet has been labelled too thin and delicate for a sports diving watch and I think they will thicken it and strengthen the links with screws. I also think they will add adjustable extensions on each side of a double-sided deployant clasp like the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. The current clasp is a hard to grab single clamshell. The boldest prediction I will make is that the iconic Nautilus integrated bracelet will become manually fingertip-detachable like the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Is this a plug for the VC overseas? Damn right it is and when I obtain the watch a full review will follow. I have put a deposit on the blue 4500V time and date only and eagerly awaiting its delivery. I think that changing the Nautilus bracelet with minimal changes to the case and dial would improve on the current model without displeasing the purist collectors who adore the traditional model. Just enough change without rocking the proverbial Gerald Genta design. By and by, I don’t think that it was such a bold prediction on my part.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V/110A-B128

The VC Overseas interchangeable bracelet best seen in this video and well described in Quill and Pad to either leather or rubber is such an ingenious mechanism, it’s a wonder something of its novelty hadn’t been patented earlier. The bracelet can be interchanged manually by a simple clip mechanism without scratching the watch by the use of springbar tools. Although I actually enjoy using springbar tools I think the VC mechanism will better preserve the watch. I also think that this patent will revolutionize the watch industry and most iconic sports watches will incorporate this most practical mechanism going forward, Submariner, Nautilus, Royal Oak. Another bold prediction.

VC Overseas comes with 3 bracelets included. Wow!! What novelty and great value.

Addendum bonus: I think the victory last hurrah 5711 will be a very limited titanium and platinum version reserved for those very special Patek clients. But the new 6711 will not be of titanium nor platinum. Not so bold.

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