In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In watch collecting, it’s hype, hype, hype.

My previous article entitled “I’ve gone back to Rolex” described how I discovered the 36 mm Rolex Explorer 124270 and how I have now shifted my niche into smaller 36-38 mm diameter cases. That article got 4 views in one month as compared to some of my other articles on hyped watches such as the Vacheron-Constantin Overseas. My only interpretation of this fact is that people are only interested in the overhyped watches that everyone desires and it’s not their fault because they have been overwhelmingly bombarded by the internet telling them that these are the hot watches to buy. I too am guilty of this unfortunate influence because it makes the hobby much less personal and more about the hype, financial value and mass hysteria.

I think watch collecting is a highly individual journey because of many personal reasons. Wrist size and shape is different for everyone. Tastes vary to the extremes amongst even two individuals, where one might be totally in love with the aesthetic and the other- the ugliest thing to tick the earth. Some are even in search a certain brand because of familiarity or what they’ve been told to do. Financial reasons these days play a big role in watch purchases, whether its the initial purchase or for future investment purposes.

I have only recently discovered how well 36-38 mm watches fit me whereas before I never even dared tried those sizes on. The reason is hype and what the internet has indoctrinated in me. Men’s sizes are typically 40mm and up and those are the hot watches to purchase. We all know the models people desire and they all seem to range from 39-42 mm. With so much information and praise available on those hot watches as compared to the paucity of information on smaller watches, it’s not surprising that we all flock to the larger and more anabolic sizes from the preferred brands.

I am actually glad that all the focus and the wait is on the 40 mm super watches. It leaves us feeble-wristed people with more availability for the smaller watches. But I have a feeling that even the smaller watches will be hyped up eventually. For now, I am so happy I took the leap of faith and purchased the 124270. My next post will review this watch.

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