MY NEXT GRAILS: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendars (Part 4 of 4)


The 5740/1g is just such an unattainable watch that I placed it last on my list but only for that reason. Because arguably it deserves more, much more. It is such an exclusive watch, financially and supply wise that I prefer not to even think about obtaining one and I consider it as a virtual watch for me. That doesn’t preclude me from blogging about it and calling it as a real “grail” for the holy grail has never been found and may never be obtained no matter how deep the resources.

The 5740/1g was introduced at Baselworld 2018. It was billed as the first Nautilus grand complication with its perpetual calendar. This new Nautilus differs from the traditional 5711 by including a lighter blue and sunburst dial as opposed to the gradient darker blue 5711. However, what makes the 5740 most remarkable is that its thickness and case size remains similar to the 5711 at 8.42mm but the 5740 also houses the added perpetual calendar complication. I have always marvelled how a mechanical perpetual calendar is able to fit in a case smaller than an Apple watch.

What is also distinct about this Nautilus is that the clasp was redesigned from previous Nautilus models. Whereas previous Nautilus models housed a clam shell deployant clasp which I find flimsy and not secure, the 5740 is supplied with a very elegant double deployant clasp like Aquanaut models but much more refinely sculpted. I don’t think there exists a finer clasp in all of watchmaking Patek or otherwise.

5740 double deployant clasp

The 5740 also differs from the 5711 by its mechanism. The 5711 houses the traditional 340 caliber with a regular rotor. The 5740 houses the 240Q caliber with a micro-rotor.

The 5740 case and bracelet are entirely of white gold which may be this watch’s Achilles heel. I fear that despite its size and thickness, the weight of gold may too heavy. If only this watch were manufactured in stainless steel, there would be another pandemic of a good kind. White gold also tends to scratch easily and easier than stainless steel. Therefore I anticipate that most owners of the 5740 keep it as a safe queen and rarely wear the watch. Also because it is so valuably ranked in the current watch world. I also fear that I would rarely wear it either because of its rarity and cult status. Which is not to say that I don’t want the watch, I really want it safe queen or not!

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