2019: The frantic quest for all things Rolex

– and my surrender to the Rolex hype

I always housed a passion for watches and horology but recently the hobby has become pathological, bordering on obsessive irrationality and exuberance! But I make no apologies.

Because my Batman was away on loan to my cousin in England, I longed to have the symmetrical feeling of a Rolex back on my wrist. In 2019, I went on this determined hunger quest for Rolex watches. Call me crazy, but in that year I bought SEVEN Rolexes all brand new at authorized dealers! But not that crazy considering the amount of time I spent visiting so many ads.
The last stainless steel Rolex I had purchased was the Batman in 2014 which as we all know at that time was a very different market demand and supply. Needless to say I wasn’t prepared for the current state of the market with wait lists, AD games and lack of availability for stainless steel professional Rolexes. Because of this current state of pandemonium (not as bad as Covid mind you), I felt determined to chase these stainless steel models particularly the stainless steel ceramic Daytona and frankly I think I went overboard.


The first one I bought was a Blue Datejust with the new 70hr movement on an Oyster bracelet and smooth bezel. It was available at my AD in the display window but that was in early 2019 when the market wasn’t so frantic. Nowadays a blue Datejust has become a wait-list piece.
I went on vacation in Las Vegas shortly after (when’s the next time I will be able to utter those words again?). Of course, I visited most Rolex ADs in Las Vegas and asked them the same standard requests. After many rejections and learning about having a good history with your AD blah blah blah, I visited Watches of Switzerland at the Wynn Hotel. Of course I asked about any stainless pieces and the steel Daytona. A very kind and experienced saleslady was blunt and said to me outright that if I buy a gold piece, I would have a much higher chance of getting a stainless steel Daytona.


After learning this, I returned home and requested the 116519LN white gold Daytona at a local AD. To my surprise they called me not long after my request and I did not hesitate. All this time thinking that these purchases would provide me with priority for the Daytona and other highly desirable stainless steel models. This was all postulation because no well-meaning consumer really knows how these pieces are allotted.


Anyways long story short, 2019 was a record haul because I went on a shopping spree in North America to countless ADs and they all called me for five desirable pieces which are in my collection today. The 126710BLRO Pepsi, the 126711CHNR two tone “Root Beer”, the 116610LN Submariner Date, the 116519LN ceramic white gold Daytona and the only one ads did not call me for was the 116622 blue dial Yacht Master 1 which I requested at an ad and they had it available in the “back”. I had to sell my Datejust to obtain the Root Beer which was much more desirable to me.
I had also rejected the polar Explorer 2 a few times during the year. But nevertheless it was a good haul for that year which started out as a quest for the stainless Daytona.

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