Grand Seiko Phase

I wore my Batman from 2014-2018 and frankly grew bored of the watch so I went searching for other brands and happened upon Grand Seiko. During that time, I also lent my Batman to my cousin in London, England and replaced it with these Grand Seikos.
The first Grand Seiko I purchased was the Grand Seiko GMT “Peacock” and the first thing noticeable was the fascinating emerald green peacock dial made of the guilloche pattern. It was most striking in the sunlight and the fine markings, Zaratsu polishing and green shimmer drew me in until I was hooked.


The Grand Seiko “Peacock”

I really tried to love the Peacock and the dial was what really kept me attached. However, despite numerous bracelet adjustments, the Peacock never really sat well on my 6.5 in wrist. The stainless steel case and mechanism were just too heavy for my wrist and the pressure points were always asymmetrical. It just never felt right so I decided to trade it in for a much lighter and more iconic Grand Seiko piece called the “Snowflake” made entirely of titanium.

The Grand Seiko “Snowflake”

I wore the Snowflake continuously as my everyday watch from 2018 to mid 2019. But despite the extreme lightness of the watch and its extreme accuracy due to the hybrid mechanical and quartz mechanism, this watch didn’t sit well either on my wrist. It either rolled to one side and the weight was never evenly distributed. I also detested the absence of lume at the wee hours of the night when I often need to check the time. It was unfortunate because the dial is very unique and the craftsmanship is reflective of the Japanese quest for perfection. But I still own the watch.
In the temporary absence of my Batman, I longed for Rolex once more which took me on an obsessive quest in 2019.

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