Holy Rolex Batman!

The 116710BLNR, BL=Bleu, NR=Noir

Retrospectively, for a first Rolex purchase, this one is a heck of an entry. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time but it was available with no waiting list at a local AD in 2014. But back then, stainless steel professional models were quite accessible and desirable pieces now were being displayed in the window cases. Friends nowadays do not believe me when I describe to them that the day I bought the Batman, in the display case could also be found, the black GMT master-2 116710LN, 2 stainless steel submariners, one Hulk and some others I didn’t even notice. I didn’t even give those a second glance whereas today, even if not for sale, Rolex enthusiasts would marvel at them like museum paintings behind the glass windows.

That was my introduction into the world of Rolex and I wore the Batman for 5 years consecutively, 24 hours a day. I grew so attached to the watch it imprinted itself on my wrist.

Knowing the value and difficulty in obtaining the watch today, I don’t think I would have abused it so much but despite all the wars and tribulations the watch has been through (see photos below) , it still remains as sturdy as the first day I bought it.

The Batman is a piece I can never sell because of the extensive history that it has experienced with my family and I made a video of its abuse.

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